Request for menu narration

I would like to request a feature called Menu narration, which reads the menus and other text out loud in the game for those who needs it.
I’m a blind gamer, so i can’t read the menus. The gameplay in Killer Instinct is very playable for blind people, but we either have to rely on menu guides which we take the time on writing ourself or OCR to be able to navigate the menus. We can of course also remember the menus we are using often.
Menu Narration is a quite new feature, which comes in more and more new games. Let me show a few examples on how it works, so you can see how effective it is for us who can’t read the menus:
Menu narration on Division 2:
Menu narration on Crackdown 3:
There might be more games who have this feature which I don’t know about.

I’m only allowed to post two links, but you can easily find more information about the game transcription feature by searching on Google.
I’m not a developer, so I can’t give more information on how to implement menu narration into games. As you can see and hear, this is a very useful features for us who can’t read the menus. Not just for blind people, but for all who for some reason can’t read the menus in games.
I hope you will consider adding this feature in an update, both for Killer Instinct, and also for the classic games if possible. If you do that and the menu narration will be able to read all menus, the training, tutorials, move list and all the online features, then you can make the game fully accessible to blind people. That would be totally amazing…
I hope to hear from you…
Best regards SLJ.

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