Request for Gargos stream today

Please lower or turn off the dojo music and select a character other than Jago as the opponent so we can hear everything and see different match ups especially with other characters traits like Glacius / Kim / Aganos/ tusk etc

Can’t wait!
Oh and ultra please!!!

Gargos Ultra ender
Gargos music in the stage fights
Time out animation


I’d like to add that I’d appreciate if the “toasts” or “notifications” disabled, since those can take up a large portion of the screen at times.

Other than that, I’d like to see his Intro and Outro play out at least a couple of times during the “match” portion of the stream.


can you guys tell me what time the stream is in Europe? (Belgium) :slight_smile:

It would be awesome if they set the training stage music to “The Instinct”

It would only be fitting to play the classic theme while unveiling one of KI’s classic big bads reimagined in 2016 :wink:

Just hope gargos 's theme music is bad-■■■

We use Jago as the opponent because he is the ‘jack of all trades’ baseline character that helps us best illustrate how all of a new character’s tools work.


I may be mistaken, but I assumed that @BblackorchidD intended that to be a request for other characters than just Jago as opponents during the “match” section, as opposed to the reveal walkthrough.

I can’t understand how people could have trouble hearing over the Dojo music.

Also if people are voting for music in the Dojo during the reveal now ( :confused: ), I’d like to take the opportunity to vote for the default music.

Considering they always play a variety of matchups on stream, I don’t know where this “don’t select Jago” bit is coming from.