Replays of TOP 32

Would be cool if we could have a “Replay Channel” where it stored the last couple of ranked matches from the Top 32 (or more!) players. You could view it by character.

If I wanted to see some Kim Wu high level gameplay, I could just select her in the “Replay Channel” and it would automatically take you to a few matches to select from of the top Kim Wu’s.

Would be great as a learning tool or entertainment!

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Sorry for the resurrect but I’ve just been thinking about this. I’ve picked up Rash, Tusk and Eyedol in Season 3. I found a couple of good players to watch for Rash, DaytonJ for Tusk but nothing much for Eyedol.
Everybody seems to think he’s cheap but since the nerfs I can’t win a match against silvers with him.
Bass has a couple of FT10’s on his channel, I’d love if infilament did a stream breakdown on one of them because I cannot get on with the character. I get pressured to death in mage form and kept out easily in warrior. I spend most of the match blocking and my blocking isn’t 100%!

Would be awesome to watch the top Eyedol players wrecking shop!