Removal of Knock Down on Combo Breakers- My Opinion

To recap the season changes:
Season 1: Combo breakers caused a hard knock down.
Season 2: Changed to soft knock so as not to swing momentum in favor of the person who broke the combo
Season 3: No knock down at all. Return to neutral- both characters are left at a distance from one another and standing.

The season 2 change was a good one in my opinion. It didn’t allow for any really dirty setups but still left the characters where the action was forced to continue. The gameplay didn’t feel like it suffered at all.

The season 3 change sounded like it was intended to do this even more so. But in actuality, it feels like it has slowed the gameplay down.

Take for instance a keep away character like Kan Ra. Break one of his combos and now he is given a free escape from you. He can go back to forcing you to play his game (which is now even more aggravating with the auto-scorpion pit thing). In his case, the game has been slowed down dramatically. Opportunities to get touches on him have been removed.

Even against non keep away characters, the new combo breaker reset leaves the game feeling more disjointed or something to me. The flow has definitely changed, and so far it doesn’t feel like it’s necessarily for the better.

I’m sure I’m in the minority here but maybe some others feel the same.

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Though it wasn’t the only one, I’d like to remind you of the Jago Instinct cancel → fireballs forever string off of a combo breaker; ~30% “free” life drain is no joke. Personally, I really like the new stuff they’ve given us with flipout and the auto-flipout after Combo Breakers, I have the exact opposite reaction in that I feel things are much faster and smoother.

Not really related to this though. They fixed that by removing breaker into instinct cancel which we all were telling them should have been removed since season 1.

It’s related to both, the way I see it. It’s still a setup or effect of the way the old Combo Breaker functionality worked, as well as being able to instinct cancel right after the breaker.

They theoretically could have removed the breaker->Instinct Cancel functionality by itself, but they adjusted both parts, and I like that it is a faster flowing game. As a Thunder main, I am a bit concerned with how it may affect my game against heavy zoners, but I believe that overall it’s a good change.

It is. No one really expects to jump back into the action Characters like Thunder and Saberwulf benefit from it, because they can cover large distances quickly.

It’s really a character dependant thing now. Since the ranges are character specific some characters benefit in some match ups better than others. But in general it looks like zoners benefit a lot as the ones getting broken but are kind of at a disadvantage being the breaker so i think it balances out.


I think you just hit on the crux of the problem for me. I think it would have been a much better change if the characters were placed closer to each other- within striking range for both characters. Force both people to either attack, block, back dash etc. Basically- reset to neutral, but in the danger zone.

IG doesn’t want free setups? Ok, but there should be no free escapes either then.

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I think that was part of the point. Not to directly “slow the gameplay down”, but to put more emphasis on the neutral game.

Like you pointed to inS1 and S2, a CB back then led to setups and what not, but now in S3 you go right back to neutral. Thing is (using your Kan-ra example), if you corner Kan-ra and he starts a combo on you while cornered, if you break him, he stays cornered and you are both in neutral. It makes controlling the neutral and cornering your opponent that much more important in the overall match.

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It’s nice. Brings things back to neutral. Getting better at the neutral will help more in the long run anyway. When you rely on nothing but setups all day then your other fundamentals will start to suffer. So going for a reset to neutral is always plus in my book.