Remembering just why I really didn't enjoy the grind back to Killer in S3

He’s a nice guy IRL. Maybe he was hype? :confused:

But he were TEABAG me…[quote=“TheNinjaOstrich, post:21, topic:16132”]
Maybe he was hype? :confused:
If I was hype, why would I teabagging someone?

Dunno. Sometimes that’s just people’s thing.

Yeah, maybe he just had a twitchy trigger finger, so to speak.

No they do this when you actually challenge them and make them look bad. Either they get a quick sense of fear that they may loose since they rarely loose to use common folks. They only loose to there friends that they play against all the time… the other top players.

In a way its kind of a good thing because it shows you actually made them sweat

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Welp, I’m not too good and play local mostly but when ever I take a healthbbar from a friend, it’s customary to present the most creative Teabag motion.

There’s the standard quick triple,
The retreating seated squat
The forward “coming for that booty” crouch string
The overbody body crouch dance
The forward back wave bag
And the legendary spazbag

Sometimes when online, If the player tea bags after my first bar. I go full screen and teabag endlessly. Really pisses them off, especially if I’m blocking offense as I do it.


You forgot the atomic teabag (neutral jump then crouch on them)


You guys are stupid :joy:


Oh…I almost forgot…there’s the non-teabag. That’s where they intentionally position themselves in the optimal teabagging position (over the head or crotch area) and then just stand there.

…you know they want to, but they’re “restraining” themselves for the sake of etiquette.


Teabagging friends in exhibition/local matches is the best. It’s great to come up with names for the teabag.

Here’s some other teabags I’ve used:

The rhythmic teabag (hit down in beat to the music)
The accelerating teabag (start by hitting down roughly once per second, then quickly accelerate until you’re doing it rapid fire)
The Back n’ Forth ™ (turn around between each time you hit down, the faster you can do this without making your character dash, the better)

To be honest, most of the time I am planning my next teabag instead of trying to win the round.


Your guide lacks a teabagging section, where you could share your teabag optimal setups


Everyone really needs to take chill pill when it comes to tbagging and taunting like, Jesus criminy Christmas, Just let it go.

I do. You can too.

And remember if they do tbag or taunt you:

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