Remembering just why I really didn't enjoy the grind back to Killer in S3

Haven’t faced a single S3 character, but the characters I have faced (Jago, Cinder, Aganos, Spinal) It’s not been a fight that I’ve enjoyed. Simply because I can feel that my opponent is just able to win everything, whether that be hit trades, hump in/DP battles, teleports where I know I should at least be able to throw… I genuinely am starting to doubt myself in terms of this game. I want to get this final Killer rank and move on if I can. Unfortunately, the best 2/3 sets in Gold tier are making this task even more frustrating than it needs to be, especially considering that there’s no indication if you dont have sight that it will be a best 2/3 set.

Sorry for the rant guys, just such a shame that this has happened now really.

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How was I supposed to know he was blind?

It doesn’t matter.

Telling someone to “Git Gud” is commonly viewed as unrespectful, like teabagging.


Because he clearly states in the original post he has no sight in the last sentence…

That’s not how I interpreted it as the proposition of a blind person playing a fighting game seemed so outlandish.

We don’t frequent the same social circles then.

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I’m just wondering why you think it’s so outlandish? Interested to hear what makes you believe that the thought of me beating boss Shadow Jago is so outlandish, or the thought of me getting Killer not once, but twice without sight is so ridiculous.

Also, to those who are wondering how I’m getting on with this, I’m still just trying to deal with all the trash that was in ranked before. Seems to have gotten worse since I left the game. Had 2 players rage quit on me so really injoyed the satisfaction of that after losing several matches closely or badly to Jago/aganos normal trash.

Rage quitting is, in my opinion, something really disrespectful and should not be satisfying.

Its really bad out there in online land.Not rage quitting…thats not the issue…its the non stop taunting and tea bagging and hate messages when they win thats the real issue.

A lotof top names will beat me in ranked, tea bag, and send a message saying “garbage” or something else is really rude.

I cant stand playing online most nights. But it feels great when some smart-■■■ like ATL88 acts like a jerk and destroy him.
Cupcake and Dedpool were super jerks to me the other night…I was really disappointed.

I actually felt this a few weeks ago, my Jago is great from what I am told but I didn’t think so when I would get shut down so hard in places I knew I should have won. I guess what helped me was a break and just a lot of time in the lab. I suppose I can also suggest trying someone completely opposite of your main to help familiarize yourself with weaknesses that your main might normally have a strength in. Maybe that won’t help you but it is worth a shot?

Clearly. Welcome to the forums, where we all try to base our comments/replies in thoughtful and respectful posts. I hope you understand that quickly as we try to keep a tight community in the forums.

The occasional no-names/unfamiliars will dominate me and quickly jump the gun on insults and disrespect, claiming, “I never had a good Jago” or “there’s no reason for people to know my name”, and the occasional unmentionable insults.

RavenIsRaw, of all the people, decided to taunt me after a super close game while zoning me out. I suppose it may have come off as innocent enough the first time, but the second time in a different set he didn’t hold back on the disrespect.

Maybe that is just him, but it is shameful for someone clearly in tournament status disrespecting someone who is nowhere near that level.

It could be just him. I personally don’t think it’s nice, and if they do that to me, I study their tendencies next time, and blow them up for it.

But nothing you can do. Best thing to do is keep improving.

Yeah, I know. I don’t stop playing because they do it, just a bit shameless to show any amount of disrespect when the level of skill is clear amongst both players.

Ooooooh well. I will just root for him to lose anytime I see him play, which is a comforting feeling.


Raven was a total d**k to me too…so he must do that to anyone that gives him a decent fight. I messaged him “GG but Im disappointed in how you act compared to when I met you at AB7”

those are the ones that bother me the most…the ones that think you are just supposed to lie there and get pummeled…if you fight back and give them a run they get all salty as if you actually challenged them…so Fn annoying.

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Ah, I know that player. He were teabagging me…

Someday, I will teabag him when I beat him…


If you ever beat him in 8BBD, I will make a portrait in your honor.


Lol. He’s not only who will get teabag by me… zzGrief must get teabag too!

Wanna know why?

Oooh, ooooh! Me! Me!

Because he caused you Grief!

*runs away


Don’t go anywhere! Get back here!

He were teabag me in KI pro league top 8 on live stream… -____-