Remember Mollusca?

Anyone remember Kevin Bayliss’ interview with Killer Instinct Central where they showed the design of Mollusca as a potential KI character? Now obviously they wouldn’t be able to use her as a character for season 3 but I think she would’ve made an interesting addition to the roster especially after seeing what they did with Rash.


I’ve wanted this character from the moment I laid eyes on it, would totally fit in with the freaky KI cast. Especially with that crazy armored Blanka roll.


I remember this! I think it is a good idea but I would still want a Wendigo character before this.

It would be awesome to have this character honestly lol maybe as a bonus or something.

LOL! I remember this!!!

I have not heard about this character. What were the 3 reasons (especially reason #3)? Great artwork, BTW! :wink:

2nd on that wendigo character

I’m not sure what 3 reasons you’re referring to here but I’m guessing it has to do with why Mollusca couldn’t be in season 3. Basically since it’s Bayliss’ design and he doesn’t work for any of the KI teams anymore (Iron Galaxy or Microsoft) I would assume that they wouldn’t be able to use something that didn’t belong to them. It’s possible that the design stayed under Rare’s dominion after Bayliss left but I’m not exactly sure how all that works.

If anyone from MS or IG want to jump in and let us know how it works I’d love to hear it.

Anyone else think her mouth looks like a- [clears throat]

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Ha. No comment :stuck_out_tongue:

Armored Blanka style character? Completely unique appearance?
Kevin Baylis you magnificent SoB this is magnificent.
I’d play this character in a heart beat. I need this for season 3.
-Kim Wu

^My S3 Dream team

Oh yeah, I sure do here. So bring on/out Mollusca now

Personally I would love to see this become a character

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