Release Maximum Level

After two seasons most of the players have their characters at level 50, so it does not mean a lot any more. it could be released or be set to a higher maximum,like level 150


As interesting as that sounds, it’s a) not entirely true, and b) what would we get out of it?

Referring to the former, I have had this game virtually since launch and still have to level up numerous characters: ARIA, Hisako, Kan-Ra, Jago, Sabrewulf, Orchid, Sadira, Omen, and Shago.

Referring to the latter, what would we get out of it? Levels 1-50 unlocked all kinds of cool things for us. Will we get more of that with added levels? Or something else that’s relatively new (new taunts for example)? Or perhaps, even nothing at all (I cringe at the thought)?

Besides, with S3 upon us with a whole new cast being lined up for us, there will be plenty to level up with them. :wink:

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a) l know, l also have characters to level up, but the main characters are 90% level 50 and when you play against them online there is a big difference from one to another.

b) l wasn’t thinking of getting something from levels, maybe they could give us some more accessories(very likely), l just wanted to know what level my glacius really is, and because now l play and l get nothing.

I will admit, I don’t like getting XP on a level 50 maxed out character, as there’s nothing to show for it (player level too).

I don’t have a single character at 50, once they get up to like 45 the grind is just terrible.

They should just let the level build to 1000 but once you get to around the mid hundreds, the amount of XP needed to level up becomes ridiculous. For example getting from 499 to 500 requires the same amount of XP as getting the entire cast to 50 would require. Getting from 999 to 1000 would require triple that amount.

My Orchid Sadira Maya and Hisako are level 50.
Aria is close, as well as most of the others-

I’m dropping all other progress for Kim Wu so I can level her to 50 ASAP

I only have 4 characters left to get to lvl 50, I have thunder, aganos, hisako, and TJ left all at lvl 40 except for thunder at 45 it would be really annoying to get them all up another 100 lvls imo.

[quote=“xCrimsonLegendx, post:5, topic:4293”]
once they get up to like 45 the grind is just terrible.
[/quote]That’s why I love the double XP weekends and other special events/promotions that help with said grind. :wink:

My Only Level 50 Character As Of Now Is Jago. Fulgore, Orchid, Cinder, & Spinal Aren’t Far Behind.

Why are people so concerned about the character levels? For me its just a tool to motivate the players to play the game more and get on the grind. Its just a common way (especially in f2p games) to motivate the players in the long run. Which is fine in my opinion.

But in my opinion the character level gives little to no insight on the competence level a player has with that character. It simply tells you how frequently he uses that character.

So for me its not really important that they introduce a higher max level. Its a nice tool to keep the casual players on track but for players that play the game for competetive reason its kinda irrelevant.

New players always tell me this “I faced x person that had x character level and x ex level!”. They get discouraged for this so easily…levels, as they said, means you played a lot. I still have a lot of work with my mains even though they are all 50 or close. But I don’t enjoy playing all characters, specially when I don’t like their playstyle at all. I find the game boring u.u
However I do play them to study the match up.

all i am saying is that level 50 means nothing after 2 years.everybody(main character) is level 50, i am casual player and i wanted to know my level and the level of my opponent (no matter if it means skill or time).just info that now isn’t there.

I agree with this and I think it should be unlimited. I cant stand getting XP, 2x XP and 4x XP and its maxed out. Makes me not wan tot use my lvl 50 characters and I have 13 at 50.

I think it should just keep going, up ad up to show your dedication to the game and time played with that character. I dont need to get a new accessory…all I need to see that number keep rising!

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