Rehasing the same moves?

I am getting really tired of seeing S3 characters barrow moves from others.


I really hope the cuts made to characters really show in Shadow Lords. It’s disappointing to wait to see a new character and all their glorious moves only to realize… “Hey… wait a minute… That’s the same old move ____ had!”. I don’t mean to be a debby downer, because I do love this game. I’ve been playing it ever since it was announced, but I just don’t want the game to turn into hot piling of dog sh*t because of poor direction and guest character galore. I dunno, I know insight is scarce, but it’d be nice to have some reassurance that what is coming is absolutely game changing.

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Well, Mira and Maya are sisters, and probably trained together. But How does Gargos and Cinder share moves?

I can’t speak for Raam yet, as he is still to come out for me later today.

And I’m sure that is the last guest we are getting.

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*Gargos and Cinder. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fixed. Lol :wink:

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Gargos shares some of the same punching moves as Cinder
and Raam shares Aganos’ bootkick. I’m sure there are more, but that was just the first thing that stood out to me.

Gargos didn’t copy cinder dude…He copied M. Bison :grin:

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I know, right. I’m so sick of every character having a low medium kick. So uncreative and lazy. (sarcasm)

But seriously, aside from the Mira-Maya connection, I don’t understand the correlations you are making.

Are you talking about the AA cr.HP? Cuz I promise that Cinder didn’t invent that particular fighting game staple.

It’s not “connections” it’s literally reusing the same moves of other characters for new “hyped ones”. Went back, Raam shares aganos’ bootkick and I think it’s jumping heavy kick. Same animations. Think Omen if i’m still not making sense. He shares moves with MANY characters from S1. People don’t like when other characters share the same moves, it seems lazy.

What about characters like Ryu and Ken?

It is one of their auto punches when up close

What about them?

Well I mean pretty much every move in every character is borrowed from SOMETHING, do you really expect each one of them to have a completely new and unique moveset?

I expect them to have something relatively different than other characters in the game. Outside I don’t think it really matters, cause that’s where inspiration is drawn for that character.

They have similar moves that are used in the same way. Just like Jago, one could make the argument that his Tiger Fury is a Direct copy of Ryu’s Dragon Punch. If Gargos has a similar move to Cinder, it’s not a bad thing. But it’s used in an entirely different way, than the other character.

So in season 1 when both Jago and Spinal had nearly identical swinging sword attacks it meant that the devs were unoriginal back then to? It happens, I mean we have three characters with similar slide kicks, countless fireballs and dragon punches too. It all just comes down to how they complement the moveset and how they look, not that they’re 100% unique in execution.

Well, Ryu and Ken aren’t in KI.
I think OP is talking about rehashed moves in the game!

Oh. Lol. I think I need to take a break from the forums. My posting has been off today. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guys all the characters punch and kick! They’ve been rahashing Jago for three years now!!

But seriously yeah no, Gargos and Cinder don’t have anything in common, and a boot kick is a staple of giant grapple characters. Raam has one, Aganos has one, Thunder has one, Alex has one, Hugo has one, Zangief has one, etc.

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That’s wrong. Please don’t come to the forum and spread misinformation as if it is true. Aganos and Raam don’t have the same rigging and therefore it’s not possible for them to have the same animation. If two moves look the same it’s because they are depicting similar actions, not because they are the same animation. The same is true for Cinder and Gargos.

This stuff matters for the reputation of the game and the developers. So you better be damn sure you actually know what you are talking about before you run around saying these things. “But it looks the same.” That doesn’t mean it’s the same animation.