Regarding the Story

I don’t know if it’s been said by Iron Galaxy or not, but if it has, will Shadow Lords be a Story Mode, or have any Story at all? I read that the devs don’t really care about Story (and I hope that’s incorrect), and I know this thread is probably pointless to most of you, due to this being a Fighting Game and all, but I still care about Story to a large degree. That said, can we expect (or at least hope for) an ending for each Character for this mode? That is, not just Endings for S3 Characters, but for all the Season’s Characters.

shadow labs will be a story but not on mkx level but it will be way better the sreat fighter 5

Shadow Lords is where story will be told. While the S3 characters are more prominent, everyone has story to discover in the new mode.


How does this work between three characters per play through?

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If I had to guess, the “Main” Character/Party Leader will be the one who gets the most story told.

Probably, I was thinking the same. I wonder if leads include the entire cast though.

That’s what I thought, Shadow Lords IS the story mode. I guess KI’s story mode consistency is its INconsistency.

Will there be cutscenes and detailed dialogue tailored to each individual character? Just like the OP says story lines are important even if its “just a fighting game”

Even guest characters will have some kind of story? I don’t see any harm in watching Rash interact with KI characters. Good ol’ meeting between characters from alternate realities.

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Your one of the developers, right? I appreciate you taking the time to answer my thread, and am actually quite pleased with the answer. :slight_smile: Here’s hoping (in my opinion) that Jago finally gets a happy ending! :smiley: