Regarding the PC Port of Killer Instinct

Hey everybody has there been any word about the PC port other then it’s going to be released on the 29th?

It would be great to see some footage of it in action before release.

Thanks to anyone that responds! :smiley:

You know what we know. There. I responded. You’re welcome! :wink:

I’ve heard some of the footage in streams or trailers were from the PC version, so basically the PC version should be working as well or better than KI xbone.

Well, they released the minimum and recommended specs and there is now a Windows 10 header at the top of the home page which takes you to this FAQ:

Also, it is correct that some of the footage at least from the press event a few weeks ago was from the PC. So if you look at press videos (like IGN or Gamespot) you are likely looking at the PC version.

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Will the PC port include the classic games (KI1 & KI2) as well?

Good question. It would come with Season 1 and 2 Ultra Editions like it doesn’t now, but I’m guessing it’s probably not going to be playable on PC.

If they do have a PC demonstration, I’d love for them to show KI at the highest possible settings and the lowest. I’m sticking to XBOX ONE because my PC graphics card is borderline minimum.

That’s apart of what I’m looking for them showing all the options as well general performance.