Refreshing your DLC is taking longer than expected. We recommend you continue to wait until the process is completed

I am also running this on Windows 10.
Myself and all of my firends also running in on windows 10 (about 4 other people) are all experiencing the same bug.

Further more, if you purchased any gold skins or dlc ecetera in the windows store or via the store -ingame, it says “this content does not work on your device” in the windows store app if you check your downloads/puchase history.

Iron galaxy, Microsoft, Xbox dor Windows, please fix your game, your services or atleast respond.
There are people complaining about the same bug on the microsoft support forums also.

Installing again apparetly doesnt work
Removing and re-adding your profile also doesnt work apparently

It’s not really a major issue as much as it just takes an few extra seconds of loading. From my experience and the collective majority, nothing happens to the actual game or content.

It might be annoying, but if it’s not causing any drastic or even minor issue to the game outside of slight inconvience, then it seems like they team is still happily retired and away from this project.

I’m having the same issue as of two weeks ago, I wait for it to do its thing each time and the process is never able to complete.

Choose the skip option. Not sure what the cause is, but it will hang forever if you try to wait for it to refresh and actually find whatever it is the game is looking for.

This is not quite the case.

Anyone on the latest Windows 10 update, whom have purchased any additional items such as gold skins, terror skins packs etc via the windows store, are not only unable to access them, but no longer even have the option to repurchase or view them via the store menu in the game itself.

As far as the majority having no issues, I donot believe this is the case, as I am already aware of 17 other people/friends experiencing the same issue, and there seems to many related posts on microsoft forums and here also…

The Windows store simply does not seem to be offering any support for the issue.

Weird. I don’t have any issues on the windows version aside from being able to find exhibition matches.

I always struggled with previous updates having issues, but they were usually resolved. With this current issue, I don’t know when or who it will fix it.

Having the same problem here, purchased KI DE version a week or so ago and I am getting the same message every time I start the game. Skipping lets to play the game but gold, terror and color skins are missing from the store.


Basically I have done some research and asked around and this is what I know so far regarding this problem.

  1. The issue primarily effects Windows 10 PC users that purchased the Xbox fow windows PC version of the game from the Windows store App, however steam users that purchased the steam version of the game have been experiencing the exact same error since January 2018.

  2. Any DLC content that was purchased from the Windows store also will not work or be visible in game.
    This includes the gold skins, Terror skins, and any extra characters purchased.

  3. Microsoft have been looking into the issue since February 2019 here with no help or solution:

  1. Steam users have been experiencing similar issues here:

So in conclusion, the issue is likely a double ended one.
Microsoft and Iron galaxy are at some point not handshaking the purchased DLC content linked via the accounts but I really am no expert on the matter other than knowing that a vast majority of 30 plus people I know just outside the internet cant play the game anymore and enjoy it because of this despite spending money on DLC etc.

Iron Galaxy, Microsoft, please fix this


Fwiw, I still have the same dlc error, have had it for months now (I assume just like others here) I’m on win10. I just hit skip and play ranked/ exhibition with no further issues. This is the new normal. 30 extra seconds to play the best fighting game ever. No biggie.

It has been about 4 months and the issue is not resolved. @STORM179, skipping is not a fix, it is a band-aid.

Now, I can’t sign in onto Live:

I can sign into the Xbox live app, but when KI tries to log me in, this happens.

I understand that the developers are done with KI, but shouldn’t someone check that is does not break?, no maintenance?, no patches to keep up with Windows and Xbox app updates?. Is this how you want us to buy the next KI game?.

They locked that thread 05/01 saying if this is ongoing to create another one. I did:

Please also go there and let MS know that it was not a temporary thing that affected a small amount of people.

The live sign in problem has been fixed, but the dlc timeout problem in the w10 store versions is still there, ms please fix the handshake between KI and Live/Windows Store


I also rechecked everything again, after the latest Windows 10 version 1809 May updates,
but still no change.

It appears that the issue has not been resolved.

The windows live store seems to be the problem.
The actual game resources such as the purchasable skins which I have already paid for, and used to have access to, are not even visible within the game.

Microsoft and Xbox Live and Iron Galaxy, please communicate with each other and fix this.

I got the same issue. Just bought a new laptop that can run the game with over 1000 performance score, and now I can’t even use my DLC characters. Other UWP games have no issues.

Same problem here, still no solution zzz :frowning:

I’m fairly certain that Iron Galaxy just abandoned the game’s DRM. Basically when a DRM server gets shut down, the game becomes unplayable.

Iron Galaxy doesn’t work on the game at all anymore, and has not for some time. I’m any case the game is still quite playable, notwithstanding this annoying pop-up.

Hey guys, this appears to be fixed. Three times now I started KI (W10 Store version) and no more DLC time out!!!. Store is all there. My gold skins are back. Even the other colors for Omen are available for purchase! It appears the handshake between KI and Live is fixed!!. Can anyone else test?. It is great to see all my content back! Funny enough, today is my birthday!


I tried it, working perfectly for me too. Never noticed it until your post just now. Nice!

Good timing too since I’ll be relying on the Win 10 version a lot more since my xbox one finally stopped working.

That’s great news! Now hopefully it stays that way :joy: