Refreshing your DLC is taking longer than expected. We recommend you continue to wait until the process is completed


I am also running this on Windows 10.
Myself and all of my firends also running in on windows 10 (about 4 other people) are all experiencing the same bug.

Further more, if you purchased any gold skins or dlc ecetera in the windows store or via the store -ingame, it says “this content does not work on your device” in the windows store app if you check your downloads/puchase history.

Iron galaxy, Microsoft, Xbox dor Windows, please fix your game, your services or atleast respond.
There are people complaining about the same bug on the microsoft support forums also.

Installing again apparetly doesnt work
Removing and re-adding your profile also doesnt work apparently


It’s not really a major issue as much as it just takes an few extra seconds of loading. From my experience and the collective majority, nothing happens to the actual game or content.

It might be annoying, but if it’s not causing any drastic or even minor issue to the game outside of slight inconvience, then it seems like they team is still happily retired and away from this project.


I’m having the same issue as of two weeks ago, I wait for it to do its thing each time and the process is never able to complete.


Choose the skip option. Not sure what the cause is, but it will hang forever if you try to wait for it to refresh and actually find whatever it is the game is looking for.


This is not quite the case.

Anyone on the latest Windows 10 update, whom have purchased any additional items such as gold skins, terror skins packs etc via the windows store, are not only unable to access them, but no longer even have the option to repurchase or view them via the store menu in the game itself.

As far as the majority having no issues, I donot believe this is the case, as I am already aware of 17 other people/friends experiencing the same issue, and there seems to many related posts on microsoft forums and here also…

The Windows store simply does not seem to be offering any support for the issue.


Weird. I don’t have any issues on the windows version aside from being able to find exhibition matches.

I always struggled with previous updates having issues, but they were usually resolved. With this current issue, I don’t know when or who it will fix it.