Red Dead Redemption 2


Uptadet OP with the trailer


Necro this thread.

Who’s getting this game?

I know I will.


I already preordered :+1:




SO how is everyone liking this game so far?? I bought it the 1st friday of its release…2 weeks ago? I haven’t stopped playing it since! I have not touch KI, AC, TRaider…anything. THis game is perfection! Its the GOAT! That says a lot for me if I haven’t played KI at all in 2 weeks!

Even went and got a Deer pelt for my son since he is also hyped up on the game just watching it.

I spent last night, 5 hours just hunting…love this game!


Finishing up Shadow of Tomb raider first, because RDR2 will take up all of my time :slight_smile:


Similarly, I have spent just as much time fishing…


Broke my promise to Lara and hopped on the RDR2 train :steam_locomotive:


Horse travel is so long…


Is it not the GOAT?? Wait till you go back to other games… they feel janky and weird. RDR2 is the best feeling, smoothest game ever! That is with Horse movement and Arthur movement IMO


This game is awesome. I can wonder around for no reason and still enjoy that.


Ive spent so much time hunting and completing challenges Ive slowly but surely moved along in the story like a turtle. Im still on chapter 4. I head to a mission and get side tracked so easily when I see challenges or hunting opportunities…it never gets old LOL


I am in chapter 2 hunting rabbits and gathering herbs. :grinning:


Try to complete as many challenges as you can…the satchels, bandoliers, belts, and holsters make a big difference in your weapon ammo count, herb count, food count, ect… it helps alot.
Plus making outfits with the trapper is so much fun IMO


I do not know yet what a trapper is, i mean how it works.


THe trapper is the ‚Äúpaw‚ÄĚ print location on the map. He is whom you trade your perfect furs and legendary skins to for money. ONce you trade it to him he uses those skins to create legendary outfits or other special hats, jackets, chaps, boots, ect‚Ķ
He also creates your ‚Äúchallenges‚ÄĚ gear like belts, bandoliers, gun holsters, ect‚Ķ

Just google it or find an online strat guide to help you along the way … you really need the tips to know and really enjoy the game on those type details.


Oh ok. I have not get a legendary fur yet. I was eaten by a bear. Since then i hunt squirels and turkeys,lol. Thanks for the advices man. I will search for that guy. (I guess i am too early in this game)