Red Dead Redemption 2


As one big fan of RDR and Rockstar, this makes me very happy!!


Today is a good day.


I will be buying this.


The trailer comes out on Thursday, hype! But anyone else worried that it won’t be as good as red dead redemption? The bar was set very high. Sh*t was a masterpiece!


RDR should’ve gotten the GTA V treatment for current consoles


Most likely it will run at 30 fps. (maybe not on scorpio & PS4 pro?)
And if that’s the case, it’s a shame indeed.


PLEASE HURRY UP 2017!!! Its going to be a great year for gaming.


Gta 4 put the bar really high. Gta V was even bigger

I only can expect greatness from Rockstar


I never played the first one…is it good? Is it similar to the new HBO series West World? Meaning since I like that show will I like RDR?


Red dead redemption is IMO one of the best games of the past generation, at the same level of Dark Souls, Mass effect, or Skyrim, among others

If you like western, and you like( even a bit ) GTA, this game is a ■■■■■■■ Masterpiece


it def looks cool! Im big in to West World right now so this may be something Id like. IM sure I can get RDR1 really cheap


Its retrocompatible, so you can use it in your xbox one!


Isn’t Red Dead Redemption just GTA in the west? I loved the game but I never really got the whole “masterpiece” thing when that’s literally all rockstar did.


besides the awesome gameplay and variety in side missions, it’s the story that shines. @FallofSeraphs76 I think you have family, so I think you will relate to one of the best videogame writing ever. Story is equally as awesome as the action. And, I never even mentioned the soundtrack.


Not at all. You sell yourself short if you don’t try at least to go through the story, imo.


I did go through the story. I 100% the game. I still don’t see how it’s not just simply GTA in the west.


Although the game is more than “Gta in the west”, even if we concede that it’s a GTA in the west, it’s saying a lot about how good its the game


I didn’t think GTA IV was that great to be honest lol. I consider RDR better than GTA. The story is a bit more serious. John Marston is one of the best protagonists I’ve ever seen. The whole story line is great. Better than any story any GTA has had in my opinion. RDR is one of the best games of all time in my book.


I’ve been seeing rumors about this for months. I decidedly didn’t pay any of it any mind since there wasn’t confirmation at the time.
Now that we know it’s legit though, that’s something to look forward to. :slight_smile:
I never actually played the first Red Dead (and I’ve only had minimal experience with GTA) but it’s still intriguing to see what they come up with. :slight_smile: Hopefully they’ll do another standalone in the vein of Undead Nightmare, too.


Ah, Red Dead. I love this game, I love westerns, I love zombies in westerns. Here’s hoping for another Undead Nightmare.

I am still hoping for a Bully 2 from Rockstar though. I miss that game. I may actually play it, I may actually play more Read Dead.