Red Bull: Killer Instinct's Japanese Community Gets Hungry

Very awesome article detailing the Japanese community’s growth.’s-japanese-community-gets-hungry


KILLER article

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Very awesome! Evo 2016…oooooooooh…it’s gonna be so sweet!

That was a really good read, I’m glad they did it :smiley:

It’s really nice that there’s a KI scene growing in Japan

Sweet article. Hope to see the Japanese KI community continue to grow :smile:

"With KI Season 3 boasting 6 million unique players last month,"

WOW! thats a lot of players when you see it put to numbers. Is that correct?

It is. But it should be cleared up that it means that a total of 6 million players have played KI, not that they were on at the same time. Through out the life time of KI 6 million people have played it which is pretty cool I think.

Yeah man that’s super cool! 6 million is a lot!! I wonder what the numbers for MKX are?

Wikipedia actually has numbers on MKX. Last I checked it was something like 12 million copies sold.

EDIT: just checked the Wikipedia, and it’s 5 million. Not sure why I was thinking it was so much higher.

I haven’t seen anything that high.

Wow! 6 million played isnt the same as 5 million sold…but its still a great number for our game!