Red Bull ESPORTS - Will This Be the Year of Killer Instinct?

Sorry to be a Debby-downer, but is this article really a big deal? I read it in full, and other than it being on a “Red Bull site,” there is no talk of a Red Bull influence getting behind KI, or any talk of tournaments other than the KI Cup…an already established thing that “they” seemingly have nothing to do with.

IDK. I see in the thread people getting excited, and I really don’t understand why.

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Cool, good for KI

But so long E-sports exist EVERYTHING will be overshadowed by League of Legends XD

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Maybe it’s because of the fact that KI, outside of releases of info from the Devs, and such, gets a spot/article on sites who speak about fighting games.

It’s a nice step forward to where we were a year or two ago where we get the results from majors and that was it.

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Usually when a company writes something like this they want to build up hype for something they’re about to sponsor.

Like when my boss writes am article about how awesome company X is, conveniently before we then start doing business with them.

And unless @CStyles45 is subscribed to red bulls RSS a normal basis (wat) i’d wager he might know something we don’t. So, LET THE PEER PRESSURE COMMENCE.

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Anyone wondering about MLG now being owned by Activision-Blizzard? If KI can get on board that train it could really expose the series to the masses!

I guess you did miss KI mlg torunament in 2014.

Dude You laughing at this made me ROFL.

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Im talking post take over.

Red Bull is involved in sponsoring SF players, and they basically don’t talk about other fighting games that much. I don’t think Red Bull is going to start sponsoring KI, but it’s very cool that they’re giving the spotlight to other games on occasion. I imagine CStyles knew about it because Eventhubs/SRK had stories about it too.

I also thought the article was pretty well written. Lots of articles about KI, written by people who don’t play the game, are factually inaccurate or biased against niche games, but this one did a good job. It was also nicely diplomatic about how it plans to compete with SF5 without outright dismissing KI as a game that is doomed to fail. It basically admits it’s the underdog but that it has something of value worth checking out, which is more credit than a lot of other SF-centric outlets would give.


I think you summed up part of why I love KI so much (and so unexpectedly): it’s an underdog story, albeit in the realm of fighting games (and I love a good underdog story, too) It’s definitely a dark horse if there ever was one, and I have to admit, it’s kind of exciting seeing all this stuff happen recently.

And the article, I thought, was pretty fair. I sometimes get the impression a few post-XB1 KI articles have a twinge of bitterness from the whole Microsoft-Rare deal years after the fact. Like they don’t want to give it a chance because “ewww Microsoft cooties” or something. I dunno. But I didn’t get that at all here. Also, I didn’t know that RB is sponsoring SFV players, so that’s cool they were cordial about it.

(Side note, speaking of competitions/tournaments, I’m seriously considering going to EVO for that weekend if KI’s in the tourney this year, because I think it’d be really fun to see it played competitively in person, as I’m too much of a scrub queen to play it competitively myself, haha)!

Hope to see KI grow, I absolutely love this game and wish it nothing but success, also, I want more tournaments footage so I can watch this game in all of it’s glory :sunglasses:

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If we all buy a Red Bull, does it give Omen his wings?


Except for the fact that he ALREADY has wings from the VERY beginning :wink: