Recording ep.4 (road to top 100) join us!

Hey guys! todays the day! Were going to be recording the next episode of “Road to Top 100 (ep.4)”. For this episode i want to show Raul what the KI Community is like, and what its like to train/play with them.

Ill be just messing around in a lobby at noon PST today, and at 1 we will be recording for 1 hour. Make sure you have a mic and join the party and include your voice in the broadcast as that will be the more entertaining part of the show.

If you dont have a mic you can still join, but if i get a request from someone WITH a mic and willing to lend their voice to the broadcast, they will have priority. Sorry. I still love you tho.

TL:DR If you got a mic and some time to kill, join us on KI @noon PST today, Recording starts at 1pm and lasts for one hour!

Elvis GT:descartes Truth

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Might be more fitting for this to be in the Artwork and Videos section.

Nah, I think it’s fine here :slight_smile:

Fair enough, but consolidating into one thread might be a better idea.

Nice to see a learner’s PoV though, helps me incorporate some things when I’m trying to show off the game to other new players.