Recommended Aganos players to watch?

Hi there, this is my first post so apologies for poor formatting. I wanted to know if there some good Aganos players I should be watching? I recently found Cstyles and his twitch archives have really helped me up my game! So I was looking for other players you’d recommend for learning more about our favorite walking pile of rubble?

Bahamut Zero 84

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Thanks. I’m still in the process of moving into a new house but I hope to be back into streaming very soon. Hopefully during Holiday break I should have more time to do so and I hope to see you in chat then!

Oh wow hey dude! First off let me say thanks, your videos give me some fresh ideas for shutting down a particularly cocky Hisako player at my local scene lol

I’m looking forward to catching your next stream :smiley:

Check out FinchoMatic and ZergKiller (not sure what the latter’s twitch handle is).

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Hello dude :).

On top of the players mentioned above you have Letalis Venator and Imswaganos420. It might be hard to find videos of swaganos but Letalis recently attended NEC16 so a lot of his matches are on the kick punch block YouTube page.

PS: who’s the cocky Hisako? Is it Gibbo? It’s Gibbo isn’t it?

Thanks I’ll check them out too! It’s actually my buddy Shelf, I dunno if you met him but I’m pretty sure he was playing his Sadira ot November Reigns. Gibbo is a cocky Jago though lol

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Don’t think I met Shelf, no, oh well either way enjoy the videos dude, hope they do you well :).

Wow, no mention of yours truly? I’m a bit disappointed. Oh well, I guess I’ll live. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I may not have any online clips that’ll teach you how to play a better Aganos, but many regulars here on the forums can attest to my level of skill with the golem and I’m always happy to share what I know with others. :wink:

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Thanks GalacticGeek! I’ve seen a few posts so I’ll be happy to check more of them out :smiley:

@LeoFerreis is another good Aganos of the forums. I’ve never played him, but he’s pretty brutal in some of the replays I’ve seen, and he’s got a good sense of Aganos MU’s.

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I’ve never fought him either, and I tell you, I fear that day when it comes. :cold_sweat:

Gonna check out Cstyles right now and take some notes.

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