I’m having troubles with recapturing with light tail flip. I managed to do it once by accident but I can’t get the time right.
I’m trying backdash + HK twice and still can’t get it. Any help of how can I get this?

Also it looks like I’m the only one caught in Riptor’s tail flip resets. It’s not that easy to react if you don’t expect it.

I had trouble with that too, I was trying b to get the multiple ultras. You have to use shadow tail flip about one to two seconds after the last strike off the ultra, that should work. For shadow tail flip it’s down and quarter turn the opposite direction of the way your facing and all three kick buttons. If that doesn’t work, it’s a matter of timing tweeks

Yeap, the ultra with the shadow recapture is a thing I need a little more work on my timing. But I was referring to tail flip recapture during the match, with no shadow =)

Have you got any practice with linkers and autodoubles?


If you are asking about myself being able to pull out combos the answer is yes. I don’t use assist mode just in case =)

OK then it sounds like you have all the necessary know how just need to work on the timings and the different combination of commands.

I’d like to add that if you jump as soon as the ultra finishes, then shadow tail flip at the peak of the jump, you’re pretty much guaranteed to catch your victim. Keep an eye on your KV though.

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I’d like to add, for @GeneralScrebor and @AsuterisukuLIVE, when someone asks for execution advice, unless explicitly stated, they’re likely asking for the kind of advice that will help them WIN the match, not blow their load after.


@MaruMDQ I have no idea! Soz… if I weren’t laid up in a hospital I’d be labbing it up to help, you know how I do. Best of luck! Cheers!
If it makes you feel better though, I am so free to tail flip resets, it’s sad. You aren’t alone.


OK. The only recapture I’m familiar with is the ultra linker. It is also possible that I have done recaptures so much I don’t even know I’m doing it. My apologies if my advice wasn’t helpful.

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Get better soon! I love to lab too, but despite my efforts I just can’t get it. Looks like I got it by chance that time and never again. I do believe is buffer time or similar, but I can’t find the right set up. And when I think I got it the character change sides and my recapture whiffs.
This recapture thing looks pretty neat and would like to add it in my playstyle. If you think about it is not that hard to break, but you have to be expecting it though. Adding more tech to a pocket character is always a Plus . I’m also having so much fun with Riptor =) I wanted to master Fulgore, but it’s just not the same.

@GeneralScrebor don’t worry, you didn’t get I was talking in game recapture. Of course you can Shadow recapture during the fight. However I find that shadow One of the easiest to break (coff, couterbreak bait, coff)


Thank you, dearie! Any and all well wishes makes it easier (it’s been 2weeks now), cuz these forums are pretty much the closest things to friends I have outside of family and a couple acquaintances… but that’s enough of my boohooing!

The whole almost-random sideswitch thing I understand, and can relate as a part time Shago (his Sg.Slide has the same issue, makes it super difficult to capitalize on). It’s really frustrating… best bet is to either lab it til you find the sweet spot, or rely on the EX and incorporate a bit of the counterbreak game into your pocket. Either way, I wish you the best!


Backdash HK -> light tail flip is a tight window to make. I don’t blame you for having trouble with it.

What’s important to note about the backdash HK is that it has a cancel window on hit one frame after the move’s hitbox disappears. This is what allows you to both run back to chain another heavy kick, as well as recapture or any other followup.

Try turning on hitboxes in training mode. Once you see the red hitbox of backdash HK disappear, that is when you should be inputting tail flip. Hopefully this helps you visualize it better and understand the timing.


I got the mix up! I managed to get it. Not that easy and not sure if there’s another possible one. But it’s better than nothing =)


The more you mess with it the easier itll get, you can even get it after some HP clever girl -> Survival HK juggles

I see a couple of times where its possible MK flip might hit but i havent tested it

raw Survival HK to LK Tail Flip is a super tough link, and after 2 Survival HKs is easier, some characters and spacing make it weird at times though.