Rebel outpost secret

On rebel outpost if you turn down the background noise voice noise announcer voice and the characters voices and make sure your sound is up on your TV to hear this now after you do a ultra you can hear a man’s voice saying Orchid! Twice and he says something else but I can’t make it out what do you guys think about it?


Can you make a clip?

It might have to wait and well its going to be uploading on YouTube.

Was someone playing as orchid?

No you don’t need to but it has to be on her stage.

Interesting find, I might check it out.

This has always been the audio on rebel outpost- it’s her comrade

Orchid (what’s your status) sic
It’s distorted & repeated just like the guns bombs and helicopters

That’s who’s she’s talking to when she says ‘target spotted- huh- this should be quick’ (too Cammy for my tastes but oh well)

That’s why I always said an ear mic used by coaches performers etc would be a legit accessory

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I wonder if it was one of the devs who recorded that line.

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Good question- I wonder if Mick Gordon had a hand in the ambient sounds I remember there was some season 2 Hisako video where they talked about crunching vegetables for her neck sounds- and Mick was there in the field to oversee recording some character sounds