Really want to play this game

Played the training mode so far and I kinda like it. But I can’t buy the Supreme Edition, because it’s not available in my country.

What would you recommend? I am interested in more than one character and also want to have the other characters to learn what they can do.

Which two (?) Editions do I need to buy in order to have about the same amount of content as the Supreme Edition?

If you just want the characters you should be able to just get the season 1 & 2 double Combo bundle and the Season 3 Combo breaker pack. That’ll get you every character but no retro costumes or Gold for stuff.

Is it possible to buy all the costumes in the store later on?

Yeah you can. You can purchase Gold from the store and use that to unlock retro costumes.

Sounds good. I might buy the Double Combo and Combo Breaker pack then. Thanks!

What country are you from and what are you playing on Xbox or pc?

I am from Germany (I guess Surpreme Edition is banned here because of the original KI).
I play on PC.

No problem. If you ever want to have some friendly matches to practice feel free to hit me up. I’m also trying to learn this game.

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This is really surprising to me, particularly because the PC version doesn’t even INCLUDE the original games. I know Germany has some seriously bizarre rules regarding video games, but to be restricted from buying a game because of content it does not and will never have is ridiculous!


I hope you fix your problem…But I just wanna say…Your name/avatar is awesome.

I’m a kefka fanboy

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Yeah. Germany is pretty dumb when it comes to stuff like that lol. I had to buy so many games from different EU countries just because of Germany’s censorship.

on xbox? the store is region free, might be as well on pc. I see. you are on PC. try switch the region to something else.

Thanks. Yeah, I love Kefka as well. He is the best. =)

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or even better. buy it on on another store and download on PC

But I don’t have an Xbox One. Is this not necessary for the purchase on the Xbox store?