Realistic damage - The wrecking you can feel

By season 3, what about having physical damage displaying through the bodies of the human fighters?

ARIA has this feature. So i believe this would reach the human fighters by this season. Also Fulgore and Spinal could work really nice. For Cinder and Glacius i have no idea.

Like purple eyes, wounds and blood dripping… What you guys think?

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I’m for it as for glacius his transparent armor could show cracks and cinders mask and other metallic parts could break off.


Wait where does Aria have this feature?

That’s what I was thinking…

He’s probably referring to the missing drones once a body is gone.

When arias drones are damaged there’s smoke and sparks flying out of them.


As long as it is NOT MK-style/in the style of MK, then sure thing for KI :wink:

I dunno. MK took it too far and it was just weird looking with massive holes in characters faces. SCIV had people fighting in their underwear by mid match so, I dunno.

Nope, I do not want this.

It looks dumb in MK, wasted effort both technically and time wise when there’s many other things still needed to add to S3.

It looks dumb in MK 9…not in MK X. MK X it looks very subtle and just right.

I feel like it’s a little late in the game for this detail to be added. It would be okay in moderation.

Jago: Mask breaks off, and pants are torn at the knee.

Sabrewulf: Physical bruises all over his body, with one of the bands around his arms snapping off.

Glacius: REYNOSOFUA11’s got the right idea. His outer shell showing cracks and fractures, maybe even his face revealing his inner alien skeleton face.

Thunder: Headdress falls apart, with several beads and necklaces breaking or snapping off.

Sadira: Her hood moves down revealing her hair, then her clothes begin to tear.

Orchid: Scrapes, bruised, maybe even her goggles getting knocked off.

Spinal: Bone fragments break away with cracks, revealing a green fire slowly crawling from the seems. Maybe all the ropes and junk off of him begin to fall to the ground.

Fulgore: Exposed cyborg pieces, with small static bursts constantly shooting out of his limbs. Maybe his face mask gets smashed, showing the true face.

Shadow Jago: Same as Jago.

This idea could be interesting. Maybe they even base it off of the character’s customization. (Jago’s head, legs and sword become damaged, and his retro being sword, hands, and shoes.)


I never noticed that, interesting.