Real talk for those online, I'm Not Keits!

I keep getting messages on XBL of people thinking I am Keits. Below is a twtich highlight of an example. If you see the gamer tag SL Hi Im Keith online that is not Keits, that is me. I get like a message every time I play KI now of people mistaking me for Keits.

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Not gonna lie…I thought you were him too. But, I don’t send spam to “celebrities”…Soo, you never heard from me.

Keits and Keith aren’t even the same word. :confounded:

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So the f*ck what??..LOL…I ain’t the only one.

Oh really?..

Because that’s EXACTLY what Keits would say if he were on his online hidey!!!

Now get off your forum hidey and nerf Spinal more plz.

They ARE one letter off…

Reading is hard I guess

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But the first 4 letters are! Might as well be!!1!


Keith, Iron Galaxy CEO, announces Shadow Mighty Poo as the guest character. To download for free, delete System32 folder in your Win 10 PC and restart your computer. Mighty Poo will be had!

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you are wasting the potential of this situation, Keith


Im not an ■■■ hole, I’m too honest to do something like that.

So what your saying is all I have to do is create a gamertag similar to Keits and I can troll people that message me??
Message:"Hey Keits, can you please nerf Kan-ra?"
Me:“Nope, in fact we’re buffing him in season 3!”

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That is correct.

Considering my name is also Keith, I’m glad I didn’t use it in my gamertag/username. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: