Ready for Season 3? Need new PC friends to beat up? Join the new Killer Instinct Discord Server! [REPOST]

#Hello everyone!

With all the hype surrounding Season 3’s new release and a lot of new players coming over to KI, I figured a well moderated and taken care of Discord server is long past due. If it grows well, we can do lobbies, weekly play dates, smaller discord exhibition tournaments, and who knows what else!?

I’ve run communities in the past and I’m more than willing to assign permissions to mods of this forum and others who are willing to contribute.

The permanent server ID is 164224040205025281
Instant Invite for the next 24 hours is

Come join in and lets get the hype train a rollin’!

P.S. This is a repost from /r/KillerInstinct in order to help spread the word and try to unify all of the KI community in to one Discord server without causing confusion. We still are awaiting a nod from reddit mods, mods here, or anyone from the KI team, but this discord will be well supported and curated even until then.

For those of us unfamiliar with Discord, can you maybe explain what this is and how it works?