Reaction Videos Thread(All Reactions Here) :D

Not sure if any of you guys are weirdos like me that like watching reaction videos. This thread is for all future reactions people have to new characters or announcements on KI. Please don’t make any more threads with individual reactions. We already have enough clone/junk threads in general discussion.

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Here is the first entry

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There is a reason Max is the player mascot of KI, says it all:

I still tear and goosebump with that trailer. EVERYtime.

Don’t forget;


that best reaction, I’ve seen!

Here’s another Rash trailer reaction:

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LOL at that Killer Instinct on PC.

Here is a Arbiter Reaction trailer.

Found more

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Here is a new one

Can’t find any on just Tusk.

Just do post it, good or bad, people watch reactions for honesty not for faking it and just going with the crowd. There are a ton of reaction channels I watch like Tyrone Magnus, Reel Rejects, Jaby Koay, and more. Akasan is one of those reactors who doesn’t always agrees or likes what the other reactors like but you know what? He goes in full length describing why he doesn’t like something instead of faking it like other reactors. That’s the beauty of a reaction, it’s supposed to be real and in the moment. If you don’t like something at least explain why not.

I made this thread for reactions good or bad, not just follow the crowd. Look at the two other reactions I posted above on the Arbiter, they are from real people who aren’t exactly in love with the character but you know what? It doesn’t matter they gave an honest reaction which is what this thread is for.

lol okay I understand.

New Reaction

Found a new guy