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Why? Because you think so? They aren’t free for S3 because they aren’t a part of S3[quote=“DownwardGuide51, post:1, topic:18739”]
Any Character that comes should be free for season 3

No because they aren’t a part of S3. S3 has 8 characters not more than that.

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and they are talking about Season 4 so why not just put those characters in season 4. They say it is not a pay to play game?, so what is that when they are charging people for characters, people all over the country play the game.

They talked about Season 4? Where? It is a pay to play game just like almost every other game that you have to buy the game.

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The KI forums has a Season 4 discussion, I am sorry did not mean they said it would release they said there may be a release.

They’ve said repeatedly that they’re letting the game sit until after KIWC. They still probably won’t be able to fix everyone’s issues about everything or squash every bug, but I’d imagine that they’re working on that which can be worked on and doing that which they can do. Just because we whine and boohoo about something doesn’t mean they can suddenly drop everything and find the magic solution right away.

But he’s not part of season’s one, two or three. They’ve repeatedly said this. They have, for now at least, abandoned the seasonal model. You paid for season 3, they told you what was in it, and they gave it to you. Do you think that the developers should work for free?

They’ve answered a lot of questions and they’re clearly working on a lot of stuff.

When have they ever talked about season 4?

What? It is a pay to play game. You purchase content and then you own it. Yes, there are aspects that are free to play, but this is not, nor has it ever been a “free to play” game. [quote=“DownwardGuide51, post:5, topic:18739, full:true”]
The KI forums has a Season 4 discussion, I am sorry did not mean they said it would release they said there may be a release.

Fans discussing the possibility of a 4th season has zero to do with developers confirming a 4th season. They also haven’t said “there may be a release” regarding season 4.

I should clarify… I don’t mean to sound like their VP of marketing or whatever. I’d love for bugs to get fixed and stuff to cost less as well. But I also realize that reality doesn’t always meet my expectations. I’m sure they’d love to get everything done quickly and give us everything we ask for, but that’s not how things work. All they can do is try their best and I have faith that they’re doing just that.

Some of us want to support the games we like to play by making sure developers can earn their money for their work, and I’ll go even further saying some of us even wanted to pay the extra $5 because we believe the tournament scene for this game deserves to be interesting with big prize money. It generates notoriety and gives our group a presence. We care about KI and want to support it.

Video games are a business overall, and while IG has been one of the coolest in terms of community feedback, listening to the community, and making great stuff and having cool items and promotions for both in game and out for us to have, they deserve to be paid, and paying for content shows MS this game is still alive and it deserves more treatment to keep it going. [quote=“DownwardGuide51, post:3, topic:18739”]
They say it is not a pay to play game?, so what is that when they are charging people for characters, people all over the country play the game.

Because Jago and another random character that changes regularly are free to use in all modes of play and earn achievements. But the investment in other characters is the way they return their development cost and reinvest into new content (simplified somewhat but there’s truth to it).

That is speculation and requests at the moment, there is nothing official in the discussion, and the original hype came from a non-official stream of the game where a commentator asked the audience at home what they would like to see.

When you watch streams and there are some that say F the community it is an ongoing issue, the people in the community are stating opinions, I see only few that say thank you for the gamers, I pay just like everyone else I want KI to grow, yet we have people that say F this.

Another way to make money is to make a movie with the tournaments and add animated features.

I donot mean to contradict myself I would like to see the game improve I am very upset I would like people to stop saying F the community and give us the respect we deserve.

But these 3 aren’t a part of Season 4 either. Same way Shadow Jago isn’t a part of any season. If there will be a S4, it will be 8 new characters not including the 3. Also they don’t have the money to make a movie. You don’t make people stop saying F the community by saying F the community.

I was upset and I am not saying F the community!

Yeah about that…

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@Iago407, I’ve always considered KI to be a “choose to pay to play” kind of game because you can choose however much you want to pay, whether it’s $0 or $100+. It’s entirely up to the consumer.

@DownwardGuide51, you need to stop making such broad assumptions. For example, thinking that a few popular streamers speak for the entire community.


Who are you talking about here? Are you saying that some streamers are saying “F the community” like just random dudes, or are you saying that developers are saying this in developer streams?

I’m assuming you mean it’s just random streamers and honestly, everyone has an opinion. No one’s going to like the way everything’s done. I don’t know a lot of streamers that are specifically saying “F the community” but if that’s what they’re saying, then why pay attention to them anyways?

How would making a movie with the tournaments and adding animation features make them money? I see that costing money, but where do the profits from doing that come from?

Who is saying this exactly? Also, why do you care how much respect others give the community? KI’s been an underdog since day one. I’d love it if FGC players got in to the game more and enjoyed it more, but if it’s not their thing or if they simply won’t try it because reasons, that’s their loss.

That’s probably a more accurate description. I’m just saying that it’s not solely a typical “free to play” model and all that implies.

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All i want to say is this…

A streamer is an entertainer.

All i want to ask is this…

Does the opinion of an entertainer (an individual) sway your opinion of a community (a group) that much?



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