Rational Discussion of Three Stages for Season 3 Thread

That’s not entirely my point. True, we will always find something to poke holes in every scrap of information, but that’s not what I’m getting at with the conduct statement.

The information was put to us as a hint and not as what it was; rather consequential information that merited concern and needed to be broken down to us in a more detailed form.

Instead we had to find the hint, ask for clarification and BECAUSE OF THEIR PREVIOUS CONDUCT like trolling, joking around with us and such, people still refused to believe it was true.

That was what I was getting at. They need to fully inform us, not drop the information as a hint like it isn’t a big deal.

I would easily be OK with no story mode as a trade off for more characters, maps, gameplay features, and a robust online experience. Story modes [for me] are just reasons to unlock something and be done with it. I found MK9 and MKX story mode to be rather dumb. Arcade mode is a much better single player concept [for me] to have some story elements for each character rather than a full blown story mode.

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I see your point. To be fair, it wasn’t a hint. It was buried under an article about the lighting and not highlighted in bold, for sure. But it said quit clearly S3 will feature 3 new stages.

This is a bit more complicated because the article is for a more general audience and not just the fans on the forum. I think it’s a valid suggestion to not “bury the lead” but you won’t ever get permission from the PR people to post an article titled “we know the fans will be upset that KI season 3 only has 3 stages, but here’s why…” I also don’t think that people would be less upset if the information was presented that way. Maybe less confused but not less upset.

I don’t doubt that. We will always get upset about something we feel strongly about.

Yeah, maybe they shouldn’t put that in the title, but going over what they declared and with the willingness to clarify once asked about it leaves me to believe they could easily have cleared the air by explaining it in the post.

Where we should all be celebrating the lighting rework, we’re all loosing our ■■■■ over these few words from one sentence.

Better to have left it all for the 25th and told us everything rather than what we got the other day.

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Read the link I provided in the OP. Max hints it’s a bigger and better story or other modes. An MKX caliber style of story would definitely be more expensive than the slideshows we have now.

Why are you saying that Gargos will be a “Non-Playable Boss Character”? :neutral_face:
IG already said that all the characters that they are making are for competitive purpose:

So, why are you saying that Gargos will be a Non-Playable Character? IG will be wasting work to make a non-competitive and non-playable character for a game like KI?
Of course Gargos will be playable! :slightly_smiling:

As for the topic:

Yeah… I actually “sad” because like many people here said, that “connection between Character and Stage” was a unique thing for KI (SFV and MKX don’t have that) :disappointed:

And about those 3 Stages… That really weird…

1 - Kim Wu’s Stage
2 - Arbiter’s Stage
3 - ???

Some people are saying that Tusk will have the third stage, while some people saying that is Gargos, and other peoples are saying that is Rash…
Is really weird thinking about a FINAL BOSS that don’t have his own stage… But also is weird thinking that Tusk that is a Classic Charcater is not having his own stage either…

I don’t know… I guess we should wait for more information, then we could know for sure the reason for only 3 Stages in Season 3 :pensive:

I cant say im ok with the 3 stage thing. But i will give them a vote of confidence.Because i want to see what they will bring to the game with those resources and time that saved with this .

i would be ok with 4 , or 5 new stages , but as y said , i will wait to see and test what is about to come . I hope it be good , REALLY GOOD.


Stage Variants will likely be the replacement for new stages. Like Tiger Lair / Shadow Lair we
will definitely get some new backdrops/day-night edits of the existing stages.

Tiger’s Lair > Shadow Tiger’s Lair
Crash Site > Ship Reconstruction (We can see Glacius’ spaceship being rebuilt in the back.)
Castle Laboratory > Decaying castle (An after effect of the lab explosion, leaving a good chunk of Castle Sabrewulf being demolished. )
Devil’s Landing > Devil’s Landing Mid-day ( Sunrise backdrop, forest on fire in the back etc.)

and so on and so forth.

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I would like 5 or 4 stages .
Stages i would like to have.


Optional RASH. or any other of the new comers.

3 is too short. But lets wait and see what is this about.

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A lot of fighting games do the stage variant thing to give the looks of the stages some variety. I mean, King of Fighters does this exceptionally.

The right lighting and the right environment changes and you get some really human looking scenery going on. There doesn’t really ‘have’ to be more stages. Giving the option of stage variants would work just fine.


I think the rea AND BEST redeem could be this .Trolling that only shago will have ultimates , and later they are showing us season 3 and one of the season 2 or 1 clasics characters at the end of a match execute a ultimate combo, after that they say . Ultimates are back. That could be epic… But it is just me dreaming about KI.

I actually love that idea and would be completely fine if that is what is coming.

I would love to see it work similar to this:
Devils Landing -> Thunder
Sunrise Devils Landing -> Tusk

Forbidden Archives -> Kan Ra
Forbidden Archives Take Over(Portal is completely open,
everything is tainted by shadow energy, Blue fog) -> Gargos

Ultratech Industries -> Fulgore
Ultratech Countermeasures(Reactor core is overloaded, a Portal in the center, red fog,
Guardrails and equipment damaged) -> Eyedol


Rash’s stage(s) needs to be electronic:
He could share Aria/Cinder/Fulgore stages

Good ultimate boss characters in fighting games are always too OP to be made playable. How do you know we won’t be fighting a pair of giant shadowy hands and a face for an end boss? A simple background of stars or cosmic vistas would remove the need for his own stage.

But you have a good point. I’m making an assumption. We have no confirmation that we’ll even be seeing Gargos is S3. Maybe they have a season 4 planned and need to keep Gargos looming on the horizon a bit longer.

Rash’s stage should be the practice stage. It matches his instinct mode ‘digital netting’.

No way, the practice stage is boring. I hope they never put that in rotation.


I agree.i hate watching matches on the practice stage. But it is often preferred by tournament players who don’t want any distractions.

I think they should allow you to pick it but not have it in the rotation for Random select.


I like this idea, since most people probably select random anyways.

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Nope… Too Minimal for Rash, and as others said pro-players abuse the training stages all the time.

Great man, you said it all.
That’s how i’m felling right now.

Too minimal? If Rash gets a stage AT ALL it will be more than he deserves, imo.