Rash Full Gameplay at BGS 2015

Just in case anyone who hasn’t saw this here is the full complete version of Rash at BGS 2015.

Video link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=89&v=0PHyVV3wnmg


Also, confirmed; We were playing Rash’s retro/alt!


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Woah. Rash looks cool! Totally fixed up and stuff. And Yeah, the Classic costume was the one we were playing.

I just found this. Love the boot dance move! I’m also glad the weapon-changing feet thing was added. The only thing I’m waiting to see now is different button ADs.

his kicks are similar to Zangief’s kicks.

… A possible back up character?? :wink:

Reminded me too of the JACK robots from Tekken…

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Fun fact: Rash’s leg kick linker is actually his imitation of the Slavic dance known as Kozachok!

A more comical perspective of Kozachok comes from Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights, this is where Rash probably picked it up too :wink:

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So rash is a fan of Russian dancing?

Pretty much :smile:

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Sad the belts still on thats the one thing that stops him from being a perfect Rash. I really hope they make it an accessory before the final release.

Oh they will mate don’t worry :wink: