Rash don't have stage?

It is true that we will not have the rash stage?

Yes, it is true. This is because IG chose to focus on giving us more content beyond stages. The game has a brand new lighting system, new shadow and level 4ender effects, and various unannounced modes.


i can’t belive. This is bad news… :sweat:

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ya kinda bad news. I mean it does feel like the characters released without stages are missing a home or a theme if it were.

but the games pretty sick game play is like heroin and is in a more presentable state with the new lighting. It felt like we lost content and indeed we did. with so much that has been reworked, it’s hard for me to complain.

Omen doesn’t have a stage… Bonus/Guest characters don’t need one… although a Battle toad stage with the boys racing in the back would be epic

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Only 3 stages this season, a deviation from the previous seasons formula, which was one stage PER character.

Why? Good question. Theres no official response as to why yet although people are speculating due to the extra costs of porting to pc and “re-lighting” the game.

Going by the most accepted theory, they had to sacrifice content (stages) due to rising development costs.

Guest characters don’t need one but arbiter got his. He gets a pass though right? Cause microsoft…

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The dev team could’ve had a lot of fun making a really creative stage that’s visually distinctive and very different in style to the others, Seems a shame.

Please do more stages IG!

I can’t blame you for not liking the decision. Also I can respect your wishes for his own stage.

But there are more than enough threads complaining about the lack of stages, we honestly don’t need anymore.

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Did you mean to write “doesn’t?”

exactly because he is tasked with pulling the crowd of newbies

His trailer shows him coming to the KI universe through a portal, so he really doesn’t need a stage. Obviously he is non canon and all so it doesn’t matter, but that is the explanation I am using as to why he doesn’t have his own stage.

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Because they felt that we would rather see that effort focused on other parts of the game but obviously a great deal of us disagree.


online training mode, where? when?
classics stages?

3 stages means exactly 3 stages. Rukari confirmed it quite some time ago, will say that we may have a stage for the final boss but we may not even get that.

Don’t worry. Soon enuff some guys will say stop whining because “in other faighting games, everybody do not have a stage too and 20 stages is enuff for us and bla bla bla”


That seems like an illogical thing to do. Unless you meant “casuals” as opposed to new players. There definitely is a casual appeal this season with the cinematics, over the top colors and the guests. It might not end up doing much for the game competitively but I can see how this gimmick will boost sales from casual fans wanting to play as a Halo character or a battletoad.

casual/new to the game… same thing, just mean that it is clear that the guests are being used as bait… at least to draw people to at least try it, we’re on the same page

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Agreed! Just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same thing. Yea definitely, this is a smart business move on their behalf, they will most likely see more sales this time around.

Rash doesn’t have his own stage because he was pulled through a portal to bust up the party and kick some butt… Just have to watch his trailer