[Rant] I'll probably get Overwatch, but I won't get it on PC

I’m not sure if you guys are old enough to remember the Diablo 3 Fiasco, but that launch was trash!

Everybody was saying, “OH D3 is gonna be the greatest dungeon crawler ever!” It had decent scores for basically being a button mashing beat’em up. But its main problem wasn’t even the game… it was the Battle.net services that fucked everything up on it. Updates that couldn’t update, password resets that didn’t work, accounts being locked out for no reason, and no offline mode to play a freaking offline game!

I played the game for a couple of days and decided to take a break from it until they fixed most of the issues. When I came back a month later, my account was locked out and trying to recover my account to play the game again was near impossible. Gawd I was so pissed.

I’m not dissing Overwatch though. I’ll probably pick it up… but it will definitely be on console.

i havent heard anything about Overwatch PC server issues. before you make a choice, do some research on it. ill be grabbing it on PC but at a much later date

The only complaint I have with overwatch is that it still ahs one big issue form the Beta. It kciks you of for a brief moment before it gets you back in.