Ranked stats keeps resetting

I keep getting reset to Gold 911/1000, with win/loss numbers resetting as well…has anyone had this problem and if so, how did you fix it?
*have had the game since around launch, plenty of free hd space.
*took screen caps before and after hitting Killer, and after getting reset.

I actually finally clawed my way into Killer rank earlier today, and did not get the achievement immediately, so I played 5 matches, then left the game. Later when I returned I was back at Gold 911/1000…and started trying to get to Killer again. After a long terrible losing streak I finally got back up to promotion fights twice before giving up again at like 980/1000. Again later the stats reset back to 911/1000.

I appreciate any help.

if the issue isn’t resolved call Xbox live and ask for a refund. MS owns the ip so it’s a non issue. alternatively, you could have them remove the game from ur account and then ask for a new (free) code to download.

personally I’m to the point in the game where I constantly find game breaking bugs and I have about given up on this game.

That’s a bit extreme.
Just noticed that the natural born achievement popped sometime after I gave up last night!
Rank is Gold, but after leaving the game a couple times it seems to be persisting correctly…no longer reverting to 911.
So I may eventually try for Killer again…eventually.

What? People call 911 if xbox live is offline?! Cruzes!