Ranked Matchmaking Repeats

Been a while since I played ranked. I noticed something that I don’t really find enjoyable. It’s the matchmaking. A lot of times, I usually fight the same guy multiple times in a row. I don’t really enjoy this because you can be fighting a guy way worse than you mulitple times or vice versa. I think that the game should just try to find someone that you didn’t just play.


I agree. I hate fighting the same 16 Star KI god 4 times in a row or that sad little Jagoling that just gives up and sends me a sad face.


I think a lot of it has to do with both you and the other player, having finished the last match at the same time of course, then selecting a new match at the same time. I do think that the game should just automatically block you from ending up in the same match up twice or thrice in a row, but as a workaround it helps to take a quick breather between matches. Respond to a text or check your stats or something. Then you won’t be trying to find a match at the exact same time as that other person


What I would do is put priority to find other players first and if after 30 seconds you can’t find anyone, then you can play that person.

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It only bothers me when your matched up against a total douche bag that Tbags and 2x ultras every second of the match… then you have to face them again. ughh…

This doesnt happen all the time to me but it seems like when it does go down…its not when you want a run back.

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I would concur with this. When I end up fighting the same guy more than once, especially if we connect quick enough to look like we just both pressed the button at the same time. I wait a few seconds or so, give him time to pair up with someone else. It usually does the trick.


I just don’t feel like you should have to wait a bit to pair up with someone different. It should prioritize matching up with someone different first before you encounter the same guy.

@developers why is it that I run into the same Thunder 5 times in a row and I lose the 235 points I accumulated in the 30 minutes before I fought said Thunder? (And Thunder is the reason I hate playing Ranked; Always spamming light kick into ANY OTHER MOVE, they always have frame-perfect shadow command grabs (even when I jump out of them) and it’s generally unfair that he has frame advantage even IF HE DROPS A COMBO. IG, how tf is that fair?) As a Shago/RAAM main, this especially frustrates me because people who play Thunder legitimately rely on that dropped combo frame advantage.

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I’m confused on drop combo frame advantage but I agree that facing the same guy in successionin ranked isn’t fun.

I’m referring to those moments when you try to crouch block after a reset to neutral (i.e. after a dropped combo) and then they’re at advantage and you can’t block for sh*t. It makes zero sense and I mirrored this guy’s setups in the Practice Room, and I could block them no sweat offline. Online, though, I constantly get hit by the same setup over and over and over again.

Video please?

Gotta go to my match replays but later.

Nice profile pic you got there


I’m going to necro this. I’m having this happen to me a lot. A lot as in every other match. Even if I wait a minute, it takes a long time to find an opponent but I somehow get matched up with the same guy. Even when it isn’t the same guy, it’s someone I fight in the last 30 minutes. I’m not sure if it’s the matchmaking or if its that not alot of peopleare playing.

Ranked or EX? I seldom have this problem, but its not bad enough to assume its every day for me.

Ranked for me.


Probably this. I played one game and then sat staring at the search screen for about 15 minutes. Switched over to Injustice.

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