Ranked matchmaking is horrendous

I wouldn’t mind being matched up with max level players just to see what league I fall into, but Jesus, even after I got into the bottom league, I’m still get matched with nothing but max ranked players. And, I can hardly find matches in unranked so that’s rarely an option.

Also, the new characters for season 3 seem to be really OP. I haven’t gone against Tusk yet but all the others, yea, they’re just completely overpowered.

First month of ranked is going to be brutal. There are killer players right now who are stuck in silver because, even if they win EVERY game, it still takes 20 or more games to get to a promotion. There are also people who have not even tryed to qualify yet. Everything will sort itself out soon, dont worry.

Season 3 characters are new. You have never fought them before, so it’s going to be hard to beat someone who has been training with them for almost a week straight.

Go into exhibition - I’ve fought Tusk players almost exclusively there. He’s picked so frequently that it’s ridiculous!

I think what they should strongly consider doing is making it so only people who are new or were in Bronze before a reset get matched against each other in Bronze. Everyone else should start at Silver, or they could make a rank level below Bronze either would be fine. If I’m new or just not that skilled there’s no logical reason I should be matched against a max level player that’s been playing the game from day one and was in the Killer league before a reset.

I like the idea of everyone only fighting others in their tier, but that can segregate the community, make matches harder to find, and make everything lopsided, especially if the ranking system isn’t near perfect.

Not everyone just the bottom tier. Once you hit silver you’ve proven you are somewhat skilled.

Bronze vs Bronze
Silver VS Silver or Gold or Killer
Gold Vs Gold or Killer or silver
Killer Vs Killer or Gold or silver

It should search for available matches matches in that order. So if you’re in the Killer league it shouldn’t put you with a Silver ranked player just because they’re the first available player that comes up in a search, it should check for other Killer level players first, then search for Gold, then Silver. Pretty basic matchmaking internal filtering.

It actually wouldn’t surprise me if that “internal filtering” you speak of is already a thing…