Ranked league Xbox one

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone else has had their game crashing recently. After Gargos update. If it is a known issue please let me know @TheKeits

If it isn’t, can someone help me out? I have Uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. Rebooted system as well. I really need help.

It is frustrating because when I find a match in ranked league, my game crashes (I’d say about 1 of 7) resulting in a los as well. Any help, or knowledge of this issue is appreciated. Thank you.

I know I said 1 of 7, but it just happened 3 times right now.

It hasn’t happened to me…but a lot of forum members are posting about it int eh BUG Thread. I would check there for answers. I don’t think anyone from MS/IG has responded with a solution yet unfortunately.

My suggestion would be to just to play exhibition until then next Patch update…which would be the logical next time it would be patched up.