Ranked League disconnects

@BodiedByKim does not disconnect during matches ever. Do the disconnect messages actually mean what they say or are they general canned messages sent to both players)

So just throwing this out there for anyone playing ranked-I’ve never once done one of these disconnects. NEVER.

Already I’ve had two disconnects where it stated that I was to be penalized with a loss because I disconnected. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on and how to stop it or if this is just something that has always happened?

The last disconnect I sent a message to the guy asking whether the disconnect was him or I and he in a not so nice way told me to pound sand🤣

So I have a pretty solid connection Google fiber 2 gig up and down normally sits around 700-800 mb either way…

So what does this message mean then:

“your opponent has disconnected”

Does that mean they actually did disconnect or does it mean that something happened where the match stopped and that’s a general message both players receive?

Last month I received a message stating that I was on probation for winning too many matches by disconnect–but if you disconnect doesn’t that mean you lost a match?

I then received a message stating I was on probation for winning a lot of wins by disconnect.

This month it’s starting to happen again and I want to know how to fix it because this is annoying if it’s something I can fix.

Thanks guys

Maybe you’re downloading something at the same time, an update or something? It can be the other player’s connection too. Strangely I have more disconnects when I plug in the internet to the box than when I use wifi, which is weirdly what Xbox told me to do when I complained about it.

That’s interesting because I’m using a wired connection as well. I use the app that monitors it and the wired connection goes idle very often I never checked it with Wi-Fi but I did notice that with wired I may try Wi-Fi thank you for that