Ranked killers not gonna log this month again?

anyone else having trouble to get your rank to show up in ranked? im having a good streak, would be a shame to waste it =/

anyone else experiencing issues?

Not showing for me as well.

for nobody, last time this happened, a bunch of people got fake pro stars for a month :frowning:

They did fix it and… Whoa… Guess it really was a good streak

Maybe real star this month perhaps? Maybe?

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That leaderboard can’t be right, i have 2900ish points yet im not on there?

It could DEF be a glitch, i don’t know if I’m that good :confused:

Nevermind, simply had to log in again. Though i can see more scores have been added bumping me from the top ten :frowning:

I had noticed that earlier while I was playing. Good for you! I hope you do get a real star this month! :smiley::+1:

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Godlike thanks for fixing this!

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