Ranked is seriously broken

I had my ranked reset. Before the reset I was in killer and was winning about 65-75% of my matches vs other killers.

Now, let me explain my frustration with the new ranked system…

I started qualifier. I play my first 4 matches with no problems against some gold and silver, so far undefeated. Next is PaulB, followed by HOT TRASH MAN, followed by other prestige “TOP 32” Killers!!! WHAT IS THAT?!

So I get placed in Gold, no biggie as previously I would fly through GOLD tier in about 20-25 matches. In GOLD 85+% of my matches are with Killers! and at least 50% of those have 1+ TOP 32. Something is wrong. And if I beat them, I earn a whopping 40 pts!

Really guys - BETA worked better.


There’s another whole thread on this subject. The bottom line is there is no matchup algorithm that can create players of your skill level (or lower) for you to fight and beat. If the player pool is small, then you are only going to see these top level guys.

Part of the issue is that right now most people are playing in Exhibition. Some of that is because of Rash and some of it is just that people are tired of losing to Killers in ranked.