Rank reset

I accidentally reset my rank. I was Killer, with more than 8.000 killer points.

Its my fault, I accidentally pressed the stick down when I was in leatherboards, and pressed 2 times A believing I wasn’t in that button.

Thats my fault, nobody else to blame.

But I have a suggestion: change the accept button, so its not the default choice. Or any other method like multiple questions (not only one).

Tomorrow I will start again from the bottom. I’m a bit disturbed right now because I was placed like 300 something in the ranked leatherboards, and I started to play ranked this month on sunday, so I was proud to make to that point in only 3 days. But hey, I hit Killer one day after launch, so I dont expect to struggle now.

Thank you kindly.

Bummer. Good luck.

Same request in the accessory collection screens for each character. I blew some of my gold by accident because the confirm purchase is the same button. It was on an item I would have unlocked in another couple matches too .