Random theme option

During the stage selection process we are now given the welcome ability to choose different themes for different stages.

However, an important theme is missing: the RANDOM theme.

Since we have a “random stage” option, why not also a “random theme” one as well?

Another possibility would be “P1 theme” or “P2 theme”, giving the possibility to hear the theme of the character being used by the respective player, similarly to what happens in USF4.

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I’d also like to see a RANDOM option, preferably right next to Default.

I’m not as interested in the P1 / P2 option, personally.


Another good alternative would be the ability to assign specific themes to specific stages and have them always play instead of having to choose anew everytime. Imagine you’d always want to hear Rash’s theme on Aria’s stage because you don’t like Aria’s theme. By assigning the song, you would always hear THAT specific theme in THAT specific stage from then on (until you decided to stop, of course).

This happens at least in Tekken Tag Tournament 2: