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Still cant figure out how to do a quick stand in shadow lab. I need to raise my defense and I always look at that 0% rating in quick stand. I found that there is a setting for quick stand in dojo but its only for the training dummy. How in the world do I do a quick stand?

I believe you need to push a button right as you’re hitting the ground to quickstand, but I could be wrong. I have the same 0% on my Shadow, but I think that’s a problem/limitation of Shadow Lab currently as opposed to the idea that I don’t ever quickstand.

Yeah I’ve tried that and it doesn’t seem to do anything. I don’t know if I just using an obsolete guide or I I’m not timing it right? If this is a problem with the game itself, could it be fixed with a patch from IG?

How do you get a post ultra combo linker and extra ultras? I cant seem to land a shadow attack post ultra and I use Riptor for the most part, can he even do a post ultra linker and ultra? I cant stand loosing a match where the other guy can bust out like five consecutive ultras

You have to cancel out of your ultra by popping instinct. If you don’t have instinct when you enter your ultra, you can’t do anything else. The only exception is at the end of the ultra when you can try to get juggle hits it a recapture.

Edit: Riptor (is a she, btw) has a shadow tail flip recapture diYou can get a double ultra without instinct if you get the timing down.

There should really be a visual effect when you do a quickstand. IG… pls.

To do the recapture with Riptor consistently, hold up at the end of her Ultra, then when you hit the ground after jumping input Shadow Tail Flip. This only fails if you have 65kv, or higher, going into the Ultra.

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That actually helps alot, thanks. I’ll have to try it when I get home from nursing school.

Just a random thought. Riptor is female, I am a tad curious about the test subject. I know it would never happen, but what if the test subject was Mira? Would Riptor have some of her strength and power in addition to her existing skills? That would be so cool, a vampric dinosaur, what would that even look like?