Random freezing/hard crashes in game

I can’t say if it’s a bug on my end or not but I’d like to post it here to see if there’s anyone else here having a similar issue.

When I boot up KI, it loads perfectly fine. The game, since I bought my laptop, was always running fine. No errors or anything of the sort. I started a match against the CPU. I was Kim Wu and the CPU was Shadow Jago. All went well, the game ran like butter but after the first round, it began to hiccup and started making sound glitch noises similar to static or a skipping song when the CD has been scratched too much. After that, my computer becomes static. I tested multiple times with other characters and it ends up with the same result, just different times. Killer Instinct is the only game that does this to me. I did reinstall it, same result.

Anyone able to give me any insight on this matter?

I’m sorry if this is posted in the incorrect section of the forum

I’d suggest trying to get footage of this and posting in the bug reporting thread under game suggestions and feedback.

Yeah, you’re right. I tried once to record it but the game crash would lag my computer to hell and back forcing me to hard shut down it.

I’ll give it a go and record it from my phone or something tomorrow.