Random color and accessory option after picking character

I would really like to have a random select box along with the costume preset boxes that picks your accessories and color at random.


I do think they should do something similar. I wish that selecting random would not automatically give you the default character. I wish the color, retro, and accessories could also be taken into account in the randomization.

I was actually talking about a random setup after you choose your character, but that too.

i would not mind this one bit, but there is quite the lengthy list of things people still want; MORE STAGES, ultimates, online practice mode, etc etc.

Would be cool to see one day! Maybe season 4 :blush:

Sure there’s a ton of stuff, but the level of effort varies greatly, and not everyone works on the same thing at the same time, so a bunch of little things may not prevent bigger things from happening. I doubt it would ever come to a direct choice between adding a random color box vs. an additional mode or stages.