Random Character Tournament Vol. 2 (CONCLUDED)

Aw shucks. When I looked at the times, I converted wrong. I will still be at work during the tourney that Saturday. Sorry guys.

Will I need to just back out on Challonge or does someone need to remove me?

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You can do both, but I’ll handle it for you, bro.

Edit: Nevermind, you’ve done it yourself XD

And I love how Sasuke changed his pic to his meme

“Y u no pronounce Sasuke rite” XD

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Might join in, but I’m not sure as of the current time. I’ll let you know if I decide to join in officially though.


Bruh, I got bodied with my own main.

I shouldn’t even play at all.

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It’s like midnight over in England, and I’m using the “Every Idle Theme”, “Every High Combo Theme” and “Every Danger Theme” videos from RKosmik to get me sleeping, it actually works :joy:

But themes like Sabrewulf’s, Mira’s, Hisako’s, Eyedol’s and Spinal’s keep me awake :joy::joy:

Can you give us the updated roster list?



I’m not going on my computer…at 4am :joy:

Edit: I will in 3hrs, and so far I’ve gotten 1 hour’s sleep.


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Hey,put me back in number 11!
Its my lucky number! XD

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I assume that if we don’t have all the characters unlocked we probably shouldn’t join, correct?

If you don’t have a good chunk of the cast. No.

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@EternalxEquinox, Read exactly what Dul said.

@Ziarist, @ScolioReset, @MandrillManiac, @SoulReaver100 you guys want to try your luck again with the second volume?

Pre-show: Saturday, August 20th, 12pm BST
Tournament Launch: Same day, 4pm BST.

Challonge page: www.challonge.com/KIRNDMCHARTOUR_V2

@Skryba, @xSkeletalx, @WandaMaximoff, you may wanna take a look around!


I won’t be able too I don’t think.

Well, I’d love to enter!

I’m not sure I’ll be able to, though, as I work from 2 to 7 PM, that saturday =(

In any case, I’ll try and change my shift with someone else’s.

Sign me up, for now, if for some reason I really can’t, I’ll let you guys know in advance. Would that be ok?


That’s cool. If you let us know before the character assignment, you can unregister from the tournament on Challonge, if you let us know after character assignment, we’ll have to dq you once tournament starts.

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Sure I’ll give it a try again, hopefully things go smoothly this time but with that being said volume 1 was a good tournament and the match ups were fun to watch.

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