Ragnarok's Adventure in Writing

Some may know this already, but besides saving people from their cell phones and playing KI, I am a professionally trained screenwriter. At one time, I had an agent (a real one too, not those horrible fee charging scam agents), was in talks with major studios to produce a scy-fy epic I had written, and in the middle of negotiations to adapt a book about the life of Hanz Holzer (The paranormal investigator for the Amittyville case that would later spawn the horror movie). I was a young 20 something fresh out of college, making contacts, and on the crux of Hollywood fame, and then the bottom fell out.

It was like my life Raged Quit on me. While I was waiting for the contracts from the major studio to be faxed over, I got a call and they backed out at the last second (it’s more common than you think). One month later, I get a call from my agent and she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was retiring. The guy that was supposed to take her place turned out to be a crook and well… yeah. Life really sucked.

To be SO close to finally realizing your dreams and then to have everything crash and burn was a huge drag. I ended up having to get the “Day” job and next thing I knew 11 years went by. I didn’t stop writing, but I always kept things on the back burner. I just didn’t have the heart to do it anymore.

The only major accomplishment I did within that 11 year period was in the summer of 2009. I came across a book by Leslie Sconduto called, “The Metamorphosis of the Werewolf” of which contained a collection of 12th century French werewolf lais. One of these excerpts was a story called, “William of Palermo”. I looked up the actual lai and found an English translation.

I loved it so much that it inspired me to write a new script. My first new script it nearly 6 years. I wrote the initial screenplay within 6 weeks. I had it copywrited and then set it aside for a few months. I did a brief stint of editing and then paid a professional screenwriter to review it. He loved it, but advised that it would make a great book or series of books. So over the next few years, I adapted the screenplay into a book. Writing the story as a book opened a lot of doors for me, in terms of learning about the world in which my characters lived. Taking the screenwriter’s advice and what I’ve learned from my own studies, I rewrote the screenplay.

For nearly two years, I went to work and came home and wrote and sometimes played KI. This time last year I was mentally exhausted and couldn’t take it any more and so I put everything away.

This was a very good idea, as starting this year, I dug out my script and I’m polishing it up as I plan to enter it into Final Draft’s screenplay contest. (I use Final Draft as well as Movie Magic Screenwriter). It’s exciting to be getting back into the swing of things. I might have to wait on my KI Gold Star, but I much rather be able to share the stories in my head with the world.

The script I finished and am currently in the process of polishing is entitled, “The Wolf Prince”. It’s an epic fantasy adventure with lots of action and even dragons. :smiley:


I had my dream crushed far earlier than you did.

Like you, I had started writing a story and had 3 “movies” written out when life took a landslide and I had to leave everything behind while I left home. I left my computer with my sister to “look after” it who gave it to my 3 nephews.

One of them deleted the folder these stories were saved in and the 3rd movie was lost, as I never had a back up copy.

Recently I was counselled by a careers advisor who was helping out with a business plan, but that fell apart as they just threw me aside and refused to acknowledge any of my emails.

I’ve got a slight idea of what to do, but to make that breakthrough you’re talking about is still so many years away for me.

Best of luck with it though, fingers crossed.

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Good luck Dude! I know you will do well. Never give up on what you want to do! Keep pushing!

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This reminds me of what happened to my friend. She was fresh out of college, won a bunch of student filmmaker awards, had lots of friends and contacts in the movie industry, and she was set to direct a full length feature film that she had also written, it was all going well but the studio wanted to cast taylor swift in one of the main roles which required a big budget increase to be able to afford even though none of us wanted taylor swift in the movie. So instead of being a nice low budget debut for her the studio hijacked it, insisted on getting someone famous to star in it, and then eventually shelved the project because they couldn’t afford to do that. While all that was going on her college apparently screwed up her transcripts since she was going to two separate schools and they ended up not letting her graduate, she had a few deaths in the family, and she needed money so she got a job that was supposed to be temporary but then she spent years there and hasn’t filmed anything since then.

Moral of the story: Taylor Swift sucks.

When are we going to get to read this epic piece of literature? Soon I hope.

(I know why it’s not shared now. People with prying eyes, waiting to steal ideas and such…)

I generally copyright everything I create. :slight_smile: So I’m not too scared of having stuff stolen. In terms of wanting to read it. I’m still in the editing process, but as I have a week of vacation, I should be finished with the polish within a few days or so. If you’d like to read it, just PM me. Just understand it is a screenplay so the format could be jarring at times.

@Sanguithal Dang that sucks the big one. That very reason is why I save several copies of everything I create on various devices. In truth, I pay MS for One Drive space and now save most of my stuff via cloud drives. That way if my PC dies a horrible death, my content remains. It also is great when using tablets and phones… yes I can screenwrite on my iPhone. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s sad about the career advisor. I went to one last year, and when I told him what I was interested in, he pretty much told me that I was screwed. :stuck_out_tongue: Very reason why I jumped hardball back into writing. :smiley:

@SithLordEDP The story you gave is actually very common. I wouldn’t blame Taylor Swift, as much as I would blame the studio itself. Many newer film makers are turning to YouTube and its like to create their content and to much success, instead of trying to fight the studio system. Hollywood is a very strange place, it has a Gollum relationship with the old studio system. Most people that work in Hollywood hate it with a purple passion, yet those same people love the cushion it can provide, simply because the Studio System is the closest thing you get in respect to a steady income in Hollywood.

My best friend is a graduate of Cal Arts (the most prestigious animation school in the US). If you ever see a reference for A113 (Pixar hides A113 in all their movies), it’s a famous classroom at Cal Arts. He became an animator, graduating with the likes of Lauren Faust (creator of MLP: Friendship is Magic – they are also very good friends). He worked as a storyboard artist on the Simpsons, Family Guy, Cleveland Show, Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and most recently WB’s Bunnicula. Guess what he’s doing now? … … … Delivering pizza because he can’t find work due to it being outsourced.

Without a shadow of doubt, Hollywood can be a very harsh and horrible place, BUT, having said that, there are also a number of WONDERFUL people there as well.

My advise is and will always be, you write, create, and wot-knot not because you want to be rich and famous, but because you want to enrich the world with your stories.

One my best friends friend did just that. He created a little indie game called, “Dust: Elysian Tale” of which was sold on the Xbox 360. It became a huge hit. He did almost all of it himself. My friend also knows most of the people working on that fighting game involving Maximillian (Beast’s Fury).

It’s a tough world, but that is why you write and create the content that you want. If anything, you get to have the adventure of a life time. :smiley:

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At the same time you’re NOT fans of Taylor Swift either, am I correct?

Although I had a few set backs, I can honestly say that the rewrite of edit of “The Wolf Prince” has finally come to a close. Before I submit the script I will do another run over just to catch any misspells and such, but overall the script looks very strong. It’s certainly a passion project of mine and I completely love visiting its world.

My paws are tired, but I’m glad it is finally done. :smiley:

A certain @TheNinjaOstrich gotta peek. :smiley: