Raam Op(Gone Wrong)(Add toggle)(Plz Nerf)

The section isn’t up so where can we discuss him? Nvm I guess it will be moved. GENERAL RAAM IS OP. His instinct gives him so much damage. Nearly 50% off of a one chance break combo in instinct. He can command grab through projectiles without meter? 18% off of a quick command grab? OTG combos into flip out? Op plz nerf keits. Oh and add a toggle for his instinct. That we we can prevent raam players from activating it every because guest characters suck.

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… Have you not seen the countless threads about RAAM in this section? XD

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Well did you know his instinct is insane? Nearly 50% damage off of a one chance break. I will change this thread to a Raam is op thread then.


I’d assume so. They deal potential damage.

The people who hated the Level 4 Ender camera angles… if they love RAAM’s Instinct, I call hypocrisy! XD


Don’t ban me plz. This is a joke. I am just letting people who in the future might say this to go here instead. Thanks.