RAAM gameplay footage

Just a quick recording of my RAAM so far, was meant to do a double ultra but ended up doing an ender by accident -_- anyway, he’s pretty cool, i took a load of damage to fill the meter up not because i’m “rubbish” although i’m not exactly great either :smiley: anyway enjoy those who want to see him in action if you’re waiting for the update.

wish they didn’t put in guest characters, but daaaym if they didn’t do a good job on all of them, thanks for posting this while the daaaym 26 GB downloads

what the heck am i seeing at the end? all I saw was daaawwwwknessssss :stuck_out_tongue:

they’re this big insect type swarm thing from Gears of War

the darkness is his instinct?


how is his damage output? is he a hard hitting character

did ram have a big ■■■ gun

Dude did you tea bag the computer?


They are called kryll.

Yes… But it’s on hard and he was being too slow to do damage to get my instinct up so, deserved for being slow