RAAAMMM free this week!

Finally the Harry potter is here!

What you think guys?

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I think he looks good. I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t get another fifteen seconds or they could have at least said he was available this week out loud… But he looks cool.


Couldn’t care less, honestly.
But finally he’s out, so now I’ll just wait for the next character. ^^


A bit disapointed, frankly. Although I appreciate the effort of making the game bigger, this season cast it’s more than 1/3 guest characters…

Just my personal preferences, tho


could have a little more space or a full trailer maybe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The best guest of the 3 in my opinion!

YEEEEEES! For those who know, I was never a fan of Arbiter. But RAAM?! Holy â– â– â– â–  this is awesome, I love his command grab considering it references the first Gears of War.

As a result of RAAM’s addition, I now have a legitimate secondary.

Can’t wait to play him this week!

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So when is he available/ Starting??? Tomorrow? today? when is the patch?

I completely agree. Rash would have been acceptive, but the two others just feel completely unnecessary.

At the end of his trailer it said he’s available now today

the game reached 7 million player, was not without help or merit of original characters

I’m excited thinking this will be my secondary or even new main character depending on how imI able to nesh with him.

This is how I’m looking at the guest characters of S3. Although I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t get as much new and original character as S2 did, Rash, Arbiter, and Raam are all very cool and powerful characters. They feel a bit like a gift to the community, to me at least XD

That’s why I want a season 4 no more guests.

Raam is dropping today. Like today.


Do you really believe there won’t be any guest characters in Season 4?

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You do realize that they are making essentially brand new characters with these guest characters. They are not traditional fighting characters so they have to create moves that make sense and are fun to play. Why do they have to be original concepts all the time? They fit into the universe well and arent really out of place. Its a fighting game of tropes, its not super serious but is hella fun. Isnt that all that matters? Ive personally felt that every character thats been put out is incredibly fun to play as and is very balanced overall. So Im excited in anticipation of every character thats put out even if they arent original characters from the KI property.


First of all, I they they do indeed feel out of place in KI. And they are also characters I couldn’t care less about from games I don’t like, which also plays in on my personal opinion about them.

I would rather have KI characters that are KI original and in the KI canon.
Glad that you and others are happy about the guest characters, but that doesn’t mean I have to be.

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For free this week? And… For those who have the s3 ultra edition? We will play, then they remove and release again in the end of the month? So confuse

I never said that you had to conform to the ideas of others. I just didnt understand why you hated their inclusion since they dont play like they do in their respective games and are new to this genre of games. Ive had guest characters in games that i hated their games/IPs but ended up loving their fighting game counterparts. They played completely differently and there isnt really much story in fighting games so i didnt have to get close to them and know their backstory to enjoy their playstyles and characteristics.

I get that you dont like it, I respect that and I wasnt trying to get you mad or agitated by my comment. You have the right to hate their inclusion.

For me having a giant frog man and an armored alien in a game that already has a mummy, another alien, and a guy on fire seem to fit pretty well.

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Ultra and Combo owners get to have Raam officially while basic players only get Raam for a week free.