Quickrise and DP

Question: If you are hit by a soft knockdown and you reversal dp will you get up with quick rise timing or hard knockdown timimng

Timed correctly, quickrise.

You need to input the LP+LK for quickrise, then you need to buffer your input for DP to get quick rise DP. Without the LP+LK you just have the normal timing for a DP.

Not sure if I understand the question. Are you asking if a reversal DP causes a hard knockdown? Or are you asking if you can quickrise and reversal DP?

Because quick rising or not is your decision alone (as long as you’re hit by a soft knockdown) and is in no way related to what you do afterwards.

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I was asking if u can quick rise and reversal dp. Iron flame answered already tho. I wanted to know if one was mashing dp after a softknockdown would he quickrise and do it


I think you can press any button and quick rise. It doesn’t have to be grab.


To quickrise: any button the moment your “character’s pixels” touch the ground xP

I thought you could use any button fore quick rise.

Well, I’m used to Street Fighter’s quick rise, and always used LP+LK. I’m not sure the same actually applies to KI, but it’s worked for me, so I didn’t really want to change a habit.