Quick Thank You

Not sure where the best place is to put this. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been hospitable the past two weeks. Started playing exactly two weeks ago and just got to Killer Rank with the help of the forums and watching gameplay. It was an arbitrary goal I set out for myself. Appreciate the community here on the forums! :grinning:


Reaching Killer is certainly an accomplishment, congratulations!

The best part about Season 3’s Ranked changes (in my opinion) are that you can reset every month and learn a new character, and see if you can make it all the way back up to Killer!

As for the community, I think in general the KI community is the most collaborative I’ve ever seen. Being the absolute best at a game isn’t worth much if you don’t have quality people to play it with!

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No, Thank you!:grinning:

I don’t know who you are or how long you’ve been here, but I will gladly accept credit for your accomplishments. :relaxed:

Seriously though, good job dude.

Here’s hoping you didn’t just shoot yourself in the foot. Play me sometime - I’d like to see just how much you’ve learned.

Haha, well I’m definitely not that good. I’m more of a “pseudo-killer”. Feel like Tusk is pretty free overall. Still struggle a TON with Glacius and Shadow Jago. Happy to play whenever. Feel free to add me:

GT: II Status 1 II (those are upper case “i’s”)

Your status is about to change, my friend, and for the worse I fear.

Choose your new status:

A. loser
B. dead
C. defeated
D. all of the above