Quick questions about the controls for the game, coming from SF

I have been playing SF4 and now SF5 for a whole, and I just decided to give KI a go, and I was surprised how similar some aspects of the game were to SF5.

Anyway, is there a way to set up a shortcut button for the grab and the instinct so that it can be done by the press of one button instead of two? Would something like auto-hot key do the trick? I am on PC btw.

I don’t think so unless you have an external macro tht allows you a button to act as multiple buttons. Not in game though. It is called instinct btw.

You play a stick or regular controller?

Keyboard, just like in SF. I’ve been doing that for years so I am quite comfortable with it.

Get a hitbox

I don’t know about keyboard, but on controller the right stick can be flipped up to activate instinct and down for grab


I was gonna say, grab is the same in sf but wait a sec… YOU PLAY ON KEYBOARD???

Keyboard? Holy jeez man. That sounds tough and am a pad player.